Mubaru is a single serving solution dedicated to exporting the best frozen buffalo meat from India. We are experts in frozen buffalo meat, Our serving team provides local specialist knowledge.

We have a young dynamic and multilingual team.

Founder of Mubaru SYED ARIF serving in this industry since 2014 and with the passion to globalize Indian buffalo meat to every corner of the world,
mubaru incorporate in 2020. And has Suit a good reputation with India’s most trusted, well known, and experienced expert houses.

We are proud to be your trusted partner in the buffalo meat trading business, An industry that has been our passion for many years and will remain our passion for many years to come.

Our Mission

Consistently providing a full range of sustainable and smart sourcing services of the highest quality through our experience, access, and market knowledge. We pride ourselves on operating with transparency, integrity, and reliability.

Mubaru Commitment

As a partner in India, Mubaru is committed to:

  • Select the right supplier, market, brand, and quality after a thorough assessment of your requirements
  • Ensure cost-effectiveness without compromising quality
  • With transparency and integrity
  • Rigorous and sustainable ethical standards
  • Ensuring consistency in supply, quality, and timeliness

Mubaru will be your single point of contact and take full responsibility for all products purchased through us.